Liquidity Mining (April) + ibBTC Allocation

DUSD Liquidity Mining

According to the community token release schedule, 1.74 million DFD will be mined in the month of April.

If we plan to continue the exact same emissions for all pools from the month of March, we’ll require 345,000 * 4 = 1.38 mil DFD. The difference is because there were 5 funding events in March and only 4 in April.

Weekly allocations for the pools will be:

  1. Curve DUSD Metapool - 80,000 DFD (+ CRV)
  2. Balancer DFD/DUSD - 80,000 DFD (+ BAL)
  3. Sushi ETH/DUSD - 80,000 DFD (+ SUSHI)
  4. Sushi DFD/ETH - 75,000 DFD (+ SUSHI)
  5. DFD Staking vault (ibDFD) - 15,000 DFD
    Weekly incentives for DFD Staking vault are in addition to the buyback amounts. This is to encourage staking until the buybacks are sufficiently high to sustain the vault independently.
  6. Uni FRONT/DUSD - 15,000 DFD (+ 25,000 FRONT)

ibBTC Liquidity Mining

We are very close to launching Interest-Bearing Bitcoin (ibBTC) in collaboration with Badger.

That leaves us with 360,000 (1.74m - 1.38m) DFD. Based on discussions on our discord and an informal community call, we propose to allocate these DFD to ibBTC. This means allocating 20.6% of our liquidity mining budget to the ibBTC vault. Here is the DAO vote for the same. If the community decides to allocate more DFD to ibBTC, allocations to pools above will change.

The 360k DFD quota will be used for a variety of purposes like:

  • Airdrops to badgers active in governance
  • Incentivizing ibBTC/wBTC sushi pool
  • Incentivizing vaults on other chains

Note that in addition to DFD, the above vaults will also be incentivized with Badger, DIGG, Sushi.